Identity Bank data privacy solution for coronavirus apps

The world is in the grip of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. 1000s of people are dying daily. We’re in global lockdowns. Everybody's lives are affected. Economies are tanking. Nationally nobody can predict when people can stop social distancing. Possibly never, or at least not for the foreseeable future. The scale of this horror is enormous.

Dutch Tennis association served an ace by DPA - here’s how Identity Bank could have helped!

Last week the premier Dutch Tennis association was handed a €525,000 fine for selling members personal data to its sponsors without first obtaining consent. Identity Bank explores what happened, reasons for the fine, reactions and presents a solution on how this could potentially have been mitigated or avoided.

Why you need to read this book

Edward Snowden - Permanent Record ISBN 978-1529035650

I am shocked to the core after reading Edward Snowden’s book Permanent Record. I think it’s possible you will be too if you read this book. This book was written 6 years after the then 29 year old Edward Snowden exposed the US government’s mass surveillance system. He documents his life, career and the events that led up to this exposure and his concerns about how people’s data is being collected and used. He also explains his personal circumstances and the consequent high personal cost to his freedom that resulted from his actions.

AP: Forse stijging privacyklachten in 2019

In 2019 dienden ruim 27.800 mensen een klacht in bij de Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens vanwege een mogelijke privacyschending. Dat is bijna 79 procent meer dan in 2018. Ondanks maatregelen om klachten sneller af te handelen, blijft de capaciteit van de privacytoezichthouder onvoldoende om burgers snel genoeg te helpen.

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Te naïef over privacy? 'Onze kinderen gaan ons dit later verwijten'

We nemen datamisbruik en online privacy niet serieus genoeg. Dat zegt hoogleraar Robbert Dijkgraaf, oud-president van de Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen en nu directeur van het Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton in de VS.

Dijkgraaf vindt daarom dat burgers de politiek moeten oproepen meer actie te ondernemen tegen bedrijven die persoonsgegevens gebruiken en doorverkopen.

"Op een gegeven zullen onze kinderen, of de kinderen van onze kinderen, terugkijken en zeggen: hoe konden jullie zo naïef zijn dat jullie al die data en privacy vrij hebben weggegeven?", zo waarschuwt de hoogleraar.

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The benefits of privacy investment for your business

Apart from the better known benefits of complying with the GDPR, reduced risk of potential fines and civil liabilities, a recent survey has shown that there are many more benefits. Compliant businesses have increased their transparency, inspiring customer trust, improved efficiency, experienced fewer data breaches, reduced downtime, and increased their Return on Investment.

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