At Identity Bank we really value individuals! We’re looking for some special people to join us.

Poland - super skilled PHP and Python developers

Europe - great Sales and Marketing representatives

In addition to your specific professional skills we’re looking for people who:

  • Enjoy the dynamic of working in a multinational startup! Inspiration, motivation, energy, and a strong team spirit is what we get out of bed for each day and what we like in our people. A team built on these qualities will make Identity Bank the best place to work!
  • Want to make a difference in this world - founded on our ideas, Identity Bank is creating solutions that will improve the lives of people all over Europe and beyond. We’re doing the right thing, right now, in an area we know well.
  • Want the chance to get in on the ground-floor in an innovative environment - and the opportunity to quickly progress up the career ladder! Your early dedication to help us build Identity Bank from the ground up will put you in a very good position further down the line.
  • Are innovative and can think out of the box - if you have a good idea we want to hear about it - just come on out with it… and that applies to everyone in the company! Our team has the ability to make decisions quickly. We’ll not waste time on endless meetings and running decisions past committees.
  • Have the agility to go with the flow. Development and directional decisions will change our course, could even be from something you initiated, we want all team members to be able to run with this.
  • Want to be influential - with us you have a voice, a chance to shine and be appreciated! Your contributions will make a difference.
  • Want to directly benefit from the work you put in - we recognise your work should be rewarded, after all WE ALL contribute to the company’s success. If the company does well - so will you!

So if you want to be appreciated and not feel like you’re just another cog in a machine please apply via our contact page.

We would love to hear from you!