Identity Bank stands by businesses in their desire to become regulatory compliant by helping businesses to protect personal data. Identity Bank’s innovative service also empowers people to have full control over their data, who uses what, why and how long.

We have designed an easy to use solution so that you won’t need to change the way you work, you only need to change your approach to data protection.

Who can use Identity Bank

If you store personal identifiable information about customers, employees, business advisors or club members then you use Identity Bank. Primarily designed as B2B service for SME businesses, Identity Bank can also be used by organizations and clubs, who also have a need to securely store personal data.

GDPR and Business

All businesses operating in Europe need to legally comply to GDPR regulations that came into force on 25th May 2018. The GDPR also applies to businesses resident in countries outside the EU and EEA who want to do business within Europe.

At Identity Bank we know how the EU GDPR impacts your business. We use GDPR knowledge coupled with extensive encryption technology expertise to bring to the market a unique service to empower business to safely protect customer personal information and store business data.

An important tenet of the GDPR is the ability of individuals to be able to control usage of their online personal information. The reason why is so important is because these days your personal identity has value, and like anything of value it needs to be safely protected.

Although primarily a B2B solution, the Identity Bank service is also available to people. When you sign up to use the IDB service your customers can also login and control their personal data.

Our Identity Bank service is unique, it is what business needs, it will help your business with a cost effective solution to solve your GDPR worries, it conforms to industry standards and it will free you up to let you focus on your business.

When Identity Bank will be available

The good news is Identity Bank will be available in Q3 2019!

If you want to register an advanced interest in Identity Bank please see our contact page.