All businesses start with a “wouldn’t it be a good idea if …. “ moment and Identity Bank is no exception.
While working on a GDPR compliance project our founder had such a moment, the thought “wouldn’t it be a good idea if …. there was an off the shelf solution to help business become GDPR regulatory compliant” took hold.

After much thought and discussion the idea was refined into a solid solution. Iit became apparent that a good idea had turned into a great one.

A great idea to provide a unique service to take away the pain and confusion surrounding what exactly needs to be done to become GDPR compliant.

Investors and Partners

As part of Identity Bank expansion plans we are on the lookout for partners and investors who recognise this unique opportunity to join us, get in on the ground floor and become part of the success story of Identity Bank.

The time to be invested in GDPR solutions is now. Yesterday even. We have a unique service. We know our market. We have clear goals and we have the vision and expertise to achieve them.

Identity Bank welcomes an approach from potential partners or investors who like what we do and want to become part of this.

Interested? Great, then please see our contact page.